• The Diamond Formation Leadership MOdel explained in Videos

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    Welcome to the Diamond Formation Leadership Model

    Get to know the four pillars and how they help you become the best Diamond Formation Leader you can be

    The 4 components of the DFL-Model

    How balancing Collaboration, Team-Building, Cultural Sensitivity, and Globalization is creating the DFL Leader.

  • The Art of becoming a diamond formation leader

    Balancing Globalization, Cultural Sensitivity, Team Building, and Collaboration

    The Art of Diamond Formation Leadership

    The Secret is Balance

    If you fail as a leader your organization will fail, the only question is: How soon?


    It is your responsibility as a leader, and especially as a Diamond Formation Leader, to achieve the opposite – sustained growth while mastering the balancing of authentic self, style flexibility, cultural/diversity sensitivity, and global demands/opportunities.


    Philosophically you will have let a great opportunity pass you by. If it’s just you who fails but others in your organization are motivated to become Diamonds Formation Leaders they will pass you left and right and the only one losing is you. If everybody in your organization misses the boat, all the people you brought in and convinced that it is worth working for your company will lose their jobs, the families will lose an important part of their income, and the community will probably miss out on the products or services that your founders intended to bring to the world.





    The Art of Diamond Formation Leadership is an interactive keynote that gets people thinking about what s really important what their priorities should be and what actually drives results in today s marketplace. Struggling companies will say This business is full of complex processes while great Diamond Formation Leaders say You know at the end of the day this is really a matter of mastering the four corners of the diamond - pretty simple really. No it s really not rocket science. Success isn't easy but it s not complicated. When you focus on mastering the balancing of the four corners of the diamond it will server your team your customers your organization foster collaboration and demonstrate your cultural sensitivity and awareness of increasing globalization.



    • How to apply incremental adjustments to make your team a group of top performers.
    • How to use your authentic style while adapting to the cultural sensitivities of your employees and customers.
    • How to use increasing globalization to your advantage and combine it with collaboration for better results.
    • How refine your ability to communicate and integrate story telling to get through to anybody who needs to hear your message.

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  • Main Principles

    Idea Addressed

    Our business world is dramatically changing. Companies, especially large ones, need to adapt to four major changes happening all at once:

    1. Globalization (externally)
    2. Team Building (internally)
    3. Cultural Sensitivity (externally)
    4. Collaboration (internally)

    Universal Principal

    In our world today a successful leader needs to be a life-long learner.


    For a Diamonds Formation Leader as life-long learner to succeed, you need to master the tricky balance of authentic self, style flexibility, cultural/diversity sensitivity, and global demands/opportunities.

    Future Solution

    Often we know that we need to change to succeed. If we have been around for some time, we have this feeling of need to change because times are changing and we need to adjust. If leadership is a new thing and we catch ourselves applying the things that worked in management, we realize quickly that most of it doesn’t really work in leadership.


    By learning the secrets to becoming a “Diamond Formation Leader” and “Developing your Diamond Formation Team”, you will succeed in the age of globalization and culturally sensitive collaboration.


    That will make you part of the tiny fraction of winners who succeed when everybody else is struggling!

  • "Polish your Leadership Diamond into

    perfect formation, perfect balance"


    Axel Meierhoefer

  • About axel

    22 years in the Air Force, 15 years in Germany and 7 years in the United States flying European made Tornado fighter jets as well as F-111 jets for the USAF.

    My Story

    I was a flight instructor, flight school commander, and as the last assignment the senior project manager for the development of a flight training center in the high deserts of New Mexico. You could say I saw my fair share of military flying and Diamond Formations.

    I was always someone who wanted to do things and especially help others.


    My life long motto has been: Helping others help themselves become successful. I did that in the military when teaching newbies how to fly – in the classroom, in the simulator and ultimately in the plane. After my military career, I received a green card and was hired as an executive in a software company mainly based on the relationships I had formed during the building of the flight training center in New Mexico.


    In 2005 I started my own company with the goal to help as many leaders in business as I possibly can. Over the last 11+ years I have served many leading employees in companies including Bayer, CISCO, First Republic Bank, Boeing, State Farm Insurance, Merck, AMA, etc.


    What I saw and experienced has deepened my belief that you, as modern leaders need to change your focus if you want to be ready for the new world of business in the 21st century. That’s what becoming a Diamond Formation leader addresses.

  • Current work

    Max Momentum Institute


    Based on decades of experience in helping large and small companies improve their business success, we founded the Max Momentum Institute. At the MM-Institute small business owners and practitioners as well as start-up entrepreneurs receive mountains of help in all aspects of business development. We help create the right structure, develop the right strategies, find tons of targeted leads, convert them to clients and take the clients on a journey of higher and higher value.


    The goal is to generate as much momentum as we can to get you on a trajectory of success. Each client receives guidance through personal coaching and detailed training based on your custom developed road-map . MMI looks to help small businesses to massively improve at an affordable cost and a pace that is perfectly aligned with your needs.



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